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A comprehensive HR and H&S management support system. Complete, compliant and cost-effective, it’s like having your own legal counsel and HR manager on-call, 24/7, backed by the technology, expertise and legal protection you need for total peace of mind. When it comes to employee management and workplace safety, think of us as just another part of your business…

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HR Audit

You’ll get a detailed compliance review of your business to identify your risks. Then we’ll help you fix any problems. But we don’t stop there: we’ll work with you to put together a plan to reach best-practice compliance and HR processes, support you along the way, and applaud you when you get there. Learn More

Telephone Advisory Service

You’ll have access to free and unlimited telephone support to answer your questions and prepare customised documents and emails, 24/7, 365 days a year. Our Telephone Advisory Service is staffed by a team of highly-qualified, skilled and experienced HR and legal professionals. They’re also a bunch of incredibly nice people. Really. Learn More

HR Software

We’ll set you up with HRA Cloud -- a dynamic cloud-based information and management system powered by the award-winning enableHR platform. You’ll enjoy paperless control over all your employee records from recruitment to retirement. Fast, secure and easy to use, you can update information anywhere, from any device. Learn More

A Library of HR and H&S Resources

We’ll arm you with hundreds of documents, customisable templates, employee agreements, workflows, workplace policies and procedures backed by LangtonHudsonButcher. All accessible anytime, anywhere at the click of a button. Learn More

Health & Safety

You’ll have a safer workplace with best-practice H&S management and monitoring that allows your employees to report incidents and hazards remotely, from their own devices. Learn More

Insurance & Representation

HR Assured assist in arranging cover that is made available to HR Assured’s clients in the unlikely event that you receive a work-related claim. Subject to the terms and conditions of the policies, if faced with a claim, you will be insured with a no-excess insurance policy. The Insurer will handle your claim and if the matter escalates, specialist lawyers from LangtonHudsonButcher will take over, handle the matter for you, and represent you. Learn More

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