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Because no one can predict the future.

Total legal protection for complete peace of mind.

We hope nothing ever goes wrong in your workplace, but if it does, and you’re faced with an employment-related claim, insurance with legal representation is included as part of the service.

Insurance is underwritten by Specialist Underwriting Agencies (ABN 18 010 862 745 AFSL 231104) in conjunction with Berkley Insurance Australia (ABN 53 126 559 706 AFSL 463129). HR Assured does not provide any insurance advice.

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If you’ve followed advice from our Telephone Advisory Service and a claim arises against you, the insurance policy can respond. It covers most employment-related claims including personal grievances (including unjustifiable dismissal and unjustified disadvantage), discrimination and alleged underpayment of entitlements. The policy covers up to $2 million in any one year for damages, judgement, settlement, legal costs/expenses, defence costs and investigation costs.
No Excess.
There’s NO excess on the insurance policy and making a claim may not increase the cost of your insurance.
Legal Representation.
If a claim is made against you by an employee, and escalates, as part of your HR Assured package you’ll be represented by LangtonHudsonButcher – specialists in the area of workplace relations. This means that the matter will be handled between HR Assured and LHB, not transferred to an unknown third-party legal services provider.
Quick, Convenient & Confidential Legal Representation.
Handling things in-house means the matter won’t be transferred to a law firm that knows nothing about you or your business. An unknown third party won’t access your confidential and commercially sensitive information. You won’t have to rehash the matter with a new advisor. With access to relevant documents, including your HRA Cloud employee records, TAS notes and call log, we can assess the matter, prepare briefs, gather evidence and take action in a fraction of the time taken by an external law firm: a matter of days to prepare everything we need, instead of weeks (or even months). And because LangtonHudsonButcher is part of the HR Assured team, you have a team of NZ’s leading employment lawyers who are right there with you, in touch with what’s going on. We’ll be accountable and responsible for managing the matter with you, every step of the way.

It’s a safety net for you and your business.

We hope you’ll never need it. It’s there if you do.

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