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Workflows, policies, contracts, guides & tools. Q&A based templates. Over 200 individual resources available at the click of a button via HRA Cloud. We’ve set the benchmark for HR resources. In fact, our IP is so good it’s been copied and rebranded many times by others. We also constantly update our IP to keep pace with changes in workplace law and culture, knowing that the rebranded stuff is likely out of date, imperfectly altered or improperly applied. This means that our HR Assured clients are getting gold-standard resources, direct from the source.

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Prepared by FCB Workplace Law — the law firm with more Accredited Specialist lawyers than any other workplace relations law firm in NE. Workplace law is all they do, and they’ve been doing it for over 25 years. We also don’t just hand you the stuff and say ‘off you go’: the expert solicitors and workplace relations consultants in our 24/7 Telephone Advisory Service (TAS) are like master librarians — they know every document, are there if you need them, and can help you with any of the resources.
Integrated with HRA Cloud.
The workflows, processes and templates work seamlessly with HRA Cloud. Fill out forms, add or remove clauses, follow processes and workflows, and more: whatever you need, you can find it or do it quickly and easily, anywhere and from any device, then keep all your work safe and secure in the Cloud.
Clear. Concise. Easy to use.
When you dive into these resources you’ll be unleashing the full power of HRA Cloud. The resources are continually updated via the Cloud to reflect changes in New Zealand legislation, trial outcomes, MBIE reports, and current cases before the courts. When you use a template or document, you’ll know it’s the latest version, fully compliant with the law, and not an outdated or generic imitation that could leave you exposed to legal action. Access your resources via any device, anywhere you have an internet connection. It’s easy to find what you need, when you need it.
Tailored for your business.
Customise the resources yourself, or our TAS team can help you and ensure you don’t make a change that’ll leave you vulnerable. Use only what you need right now, knowing you have everything you require to support future growth. Configurable for all levels of business, from SMEs to Enterprise & Government. And if there’s anything else you want, ask our TAS team and they can get the experts at FCB Workplace Law to prepare it for you.

One library to rule them all.

With these resources at your fingertips, you can handle almost any eventuality.

  • Invitation to Interview (Hiring)
  • Letter confirming conduct warning
  • Letter confirming pay rise or promotion after review
  • Letter confirming performance warning
  • Letter confirming volunteer ceasing participation
  • Letter confirming volunteer resignation
  • Letter confirming volunteer termination
  • Letter of Congratulations (Successful Candidate)
  • Letter of Regret (Unsuccessful Candidate)
  • Letter querying absence (abandonment)
  • Letter to Applicant (thank you letter)
  • Statement of Service
  • Statement of Service for Volunteers
  • Volunteer Agreement - Event (e)
  • Volunteer Agreement - Long Term (e)
  • Acknowledgement of Receipt
  • Workplace Health and Safety Policy Acknowledgement
  • Statement of Service
  • Agreement to Cash Out Annual Leave
  • Employee Departure Checklist
  • Employee Exit Interview
  • Request to Vary Regular Hours of Work
  • Staff Roster Template
  • Timesheet
  • Training Attendance Record
  • Meeting Minutes
  • TOIL Agreement
Termination letters
  • Letter of Termination - Acceptance of Resignation
  • Letter of Termination - Casual Employee
  • Letter of Termination – Redundancy
  • Letter of Termination - Summary Dismissal
  • Letter of Termination - during MEP
  • Letter of Termination - for Cause
  • Letter of Termination - resignation by abandonment
Request letters
  • Request to attend consultation meeting about redundancy
  • Request to attend consultation meeting about redundancy (with redeployment option)
  • Request to attend counselling session for misconduct
  • Request to attend counselling session for performance
  • Request to attend investigation interview (misconduct)
  • Request to attend meeting re: proposed dismissal for cause
  • Request to attend meeting re: proposed summary dismissal
  • Request to attend meeting regarding ongoing employment
  • Request to attend scheduled performance review
  • WorkCover QLD - Claim Form
  • Workers Compensation Form - Comcare
  • Workers Compensation Form - NT
  • Workers Compensation Form - SA
  • Workers Compensation Form - WA
  • Workers Injury Claim Form - VIC
  • Manual Incident Reporting Form
  • Employee Details Form
  • Employment Application Form
  • Leave Application Form
  • Medical Authority Form
  • Outcome of Salary Review Form
  • Parental Leave Application Form
  • Travel Approval Form
  • Working from Home Application Form
  • Receipt of Company Property Form
  • Expense Claim Form
  • Reference Check Form
Employment contract
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Contract of Employment (Casual, Part-Time and Full-Time)
  • Job Description Template
  • Template Forms
HR Policies
  • Employee Handbook
  • Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy
  • EEO, Discrimination, Bullying & Harassment Policy
  • Grievance Policy
  • Internet and Email Policy
  • Leave Policy
  • Motor Vehicle Policy
  • Parental Leave Policy
  • Performance Counselling and Disciplinary Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Social Media Policy
  • Working From Home Policy
  • Workplace Surveillance Policy
  • Educational and Professional Development Policy
  • Travel Policy
  • Whistleblower Policy
  • Right of Entry Policy
  • Business and Social Functions Policy
  • Travel Health and Vaccinations Policy
  • Living Away From Home Policy
  • Code of Conduct Policy
Health & Safety
  • Hazard Risk Matrix
  • How to Manage Health and Safety Risks
  • Incident Notification Fact Sheet
  • Incident Notification Process for each State
  • Interpretive guideline - the meaning of 'reasonably practicable'
  • Safe Work Method Statement
  • H&S Consultation Plan Template
  • H&S Consultation Procedure
  • H&S Ergonomics Management Procedure
  • H&S Incident Management Procedure
  • H&S Issue Resolution Procedure
  • H&S Manual Tasks Procedure
  • H&S Multiple PCBU Issue Resolution Procedure
  • H&S Officer Due Diligence Plan
  • H&S Risk Management Procedure
  • Worker Representation and Participation Guide
  • Workplace Inspection Checklist
Employee management workflows & checklists
  • Pre-employment
  • Interview and Shortlist Candidates
  • Prepare and Send Hiring Documentation
  • Returned Employment Documents
  • Employee Management
  • Employee Induction
  • Scheduled Performance Review
  • Counselling for Poor Performance
  • Counselling for Misconduct
  • Grievance or Complaint Investigation
  • Termination by Employer within Minimum Employment Period
  • Termination of Casual Employee
  • Termination by Employer for Genuine Redundancy
  • Summary (Immediate) Dismissal by Employer
  • Dismissal by Employer for Cause
  • Termination by Employee
  • Contractor management workflows & checklists
  • Contractor Engagement
  • Create a Contractor
  • Initiate or Resume Contractor Engagement
  • Contractor Management
  • Manage a Contractor
  • Grievance or Complaint Investigation
  • Contractor Termination
  • Commence Termination of a Contractor Agreement
H&S management workflows & checklists
  • Hazard Management
  • Record a new Hazard
  • Update Hazard Information
  • Incident Management
  • Report an Incident
  • Commence an Incident Checklist
  • Resume an Incident Checklist
  • Return to Work & Consultations
  • Return to Work Tools and Processes
  • H&S Consultations

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