The HR Audit.

A complete compliance review (and then some).

The first step to protect your business.

If you don’t have in-house counsel with expert knowledge of employment law it can be difficult to know if you’re complying, or if your practices and procedures are best-practice.

The best way to know is with an HR audit.

It’s also a great way for us to get acquainted. To get to know you and your business. It helps us deliver the support and technology you need, tailored to your unique situation. It also gives you a chance to get to know us, to be on first-name terms with the people who’ll be looking out for you and your business, 24/7, every day of the year.

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Identify your risks.
Our expert auditors will uncover risks and threats to your business due to incomplete, incorrect or missing processes. We’ll hunt down anything and everything that could expose you to penalties for failing to comply with modern awards, EBAs, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), Health and Safety, and other governing legislation in New Zealand.
Reports that drive action.
You’ll get a comprehensive compliance report, ranking all relevant issues by severity. Our reports are confidential, easy to understand, and we’ll give you practical, detailed advice on how to fix problems before they escalate.
Adopt best-practice processes.
While simply being compliant might cover you, it isn’t the best way to run a business. We’ll help you climb the first rungs of the ladder to what you should be doing, by bringing best-practice HR into your organisation through the powerful workflows, documents and processes in HRA Cloud.

We want to get you so good at people management that it starts to affect your business: saving you time and money, boosting efficiency and productivity, and helping you look after your employees better.
Control your HR compliance.
At the end of the HR Audit process, you’ll know the law (and your business) a whole lot better. You’ll be set-up with HRA Cloud, know the areas where you’re compliant and what you need to keep an eye on. We’ll help you fix what needs fixing, keep it fixed, and be in control of your compliance as your business grows. No more sleepless nights worrying about sloppy HR, MBIE fines or bad publicity that could hurt your bottom-line and your brand.

Our HR Audit is a simple process.

Step 1
The expert

You sign up, and we organise for one of our qualified experts to contact you.

Step 2
The review

We review every part of your business for compliance with workplace regulation and Health and Safety. This includes examining all your existing HR processes and procedures.

Step 3
The report

We prepare an easy-to-understand, comprehensive report, and deliver it within 5 business days. We’ll point out where you’re at risk of a claim and why, what you need to fix, and how urgently you need to fix it. We’ll also tell you what you’re doing well and should keep doing.

Step 4
The plan

We lay out everything you need to do to fix incorrect processes, documents, workflows and procedures. We’ll work with you to create a step-by-step action plan to fix any issues, recommending which ones to tackle first. And we’ll help you set up HRA Cloud — the first step in turning you into a 100% best-practice business.

Step 5
The changes

You make the recommended changes to reduce your risk, most of which will happen automatically when you start using the best-practice workflows and resources of HRA Cloud. But don’t worry, we’ll help you make any other changes that HRA Cloud can’t fix.

Step 6
The support

We look after you at every step, and beyond. You’ll enjoy the unlimited (and awesome) 24/7 support of our award-winning Telephone Advisory Service, who can help you sort out any HR issue or difficulty, step-by-step if necessary. Call as often as you want. Talk for as long as you want. It’s all Free and part of the HR Assured service.

Find your peace of mind

An HR Assured HR Compliance Audit will give you a tremendous feeling of security. You’ll know if you’re complying with the law and the changes you need to make if you’re not. And you’ll have our expert support at every stage, from setting you up with HRA Cloud, to helping you roll out the kind of best-practice HR that wins ‘Employer of Choice’ awards.

Take your HR to the next level

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