By Lauren Stariha

New Zealand began 2023 with severe inflation, costs outpacing rising incomes, housing shortages, and multiple severe weather events. These sound like problems outside of the workplace that might not have much to do with your employees – but actually, you can offer small-but-significant responses to outside stressors which firstly keep your staff grounded, and secondly keep them onboard.

According to the most recent BusinessNZ Workplace Wellness Report, 66 per cent of businesses reported an increase in stress levels, with 91 per cent citing COVID-19 as a partial reason for this – while there is a multitude of factors that can contribute to a decline in employee satisfaction, happiness, and overall productivity.

You don’t have to be a wellness expert to promote well-being and support your staff – you don’t even have to pay for an outside consultant to come into your workplace.

Managing your employee well-being starts with downloading this guide.

From investing in collaborative tools and platforms for your remote workers to external well-being support options, there are many ways you can support your people. These concrete tips will help your business foster a healthier work-life balance and help you communicate that you prioritise well-being.

Whether you have a remote, location-based, or hybrid workforce, managing employee well-being is paramount – employers have an obligation under Health & Safety legislation to do so. This complete guide, created by our HR and H&S experts, is filled with best-practice tips and advice, giving you the perfect starting point for improving well-being management in your workplace.

This must-have eBook explains:

  • The value of scheduling regular one-on-ones with employees;
  • The importance of investing in the training and development of your staff;
  • Things leaders should pay attention to improve productivity, focus, and motivation; and
  • Why managers require as much support as any other employee.

Plus, a range of other insights into how to help staff experiencing stress.

Managing employee well-being eBook

If any of this information has raised any questions about managing employee well-being in your workplace or you have another workplace issue, please reach out to our experts via our 24/7 Telephone Advisory Service.

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