Launching any new product or service in a business can be fun but it can also be challenging – you’ll have some genuinely excited employees, and of course, there’ll be others who need some convincing to get on board or need more support – all of this is normal and expected.

So, how does HR Assured support its new clients when launching our products and services into their businesses? Not only do we have a dedicated team to support our clients – they make sure businesses are getting the most out of the products and services we provide and are there from the moment you launch and beyond – but we also have a Launch Guide filled with useful tips and resources to help new clients get lift-off plus educate, inform, and communicate with their teams.

In this article, we explain how we make launching HR Assured easy for new clients.

To launch or not to launch: why is an official one important?

Now that you’ve invested in a market-leading HR solution to help you manage your people, you’ll want to ensure everyone in your business becomes early adopters of your new and shiny software plus services. From our experience onboarding thousands of businesses, people can be resistant to change, but don’t let that dishearten you – it’s normal! The success of your launch will come down to how well you plan and communicate to your team. You’ll want to generate excitement and tell your people all the reasons why your new software plus services will benefit them and make their jobs that much easier.

Really nice and helpful people

We know that business owners are busy managing a million and one things to ensure the success of the company, and that’s why we’ve built and implemented strong support structures to help our newest clients launch HR Assured without a hitch. With the backing of our Client Success and Telephone Advisory Service teams, they’ll be with you every step of the way. From setting up your software, HRA Cloud and access to our 24/7 Telephone Advisory Service to arranging the initial compliance audit, our people are only a phone call away and are ready to support you.

Off to launch: what’s in the Launch Guide?

It’s important to remember that everyone in your business will use HR Assured differently and the more time and effort you invest in educating your team about its benefits, the more your team will get onboard with your new software plus service. That’s why we’ve created an official Launch Guide. Our easy-to-follow Guide walks you through each step of the launch process and includes tried-and-tested tips that will help to generate excitement.

Our successful best-practice formula is based on a few simple steps and includes templates and documents to help you effectively communicate to your team without breaking a sweat – think ready-to-go emails, posters, presentations, banners and more!

We’re here to help

If this article has piqued your interest in HR Assured or what our market-leading HR software plus services can do for your business, please contact us.

We’d also like to invite you to try our award-winning 24/7 Telephone Advisory Service for free. No strings attached, just 30 minutes of workplace advice with one of our amazing experts.



Already an HR Assured client? Our Client Success Team is always here to support you. If you have a question about your account or if you need some help with the software, HRA Cloud, please contact the Client Success Team.