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Employment agreements fact sheet

Did you know that New Zealand’s employment laws require all employees to have a written employment agreement?

This jam-packed fact sheet is a complete employer’s guide to drafting water-tight employment contracts. It also breaks down everything you need to know into easy-to-understand language that’ll help you get the process right every time.

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Get the basics right every time

Businesses need to understand what must be included in an employment agreement – it’s the best way to protect all parties. When issuing an employment contract, employers must correctly identify the type of employment relationship, ensure that both parties have signed it and that it outlines the terms, conditions, and obligations of employment.

Essential information for employers
The Holiday Act and the Parental Leave and Employment Protection Act provides the definitions for all employment types including the three most common ones: permanent, fixed-term, and casual. This legislation can be confusing, but employers must understand all their requirements when it comes to employment contracts, and that’s where this fact sheet can help.
Be on the right side of the law
Ensuring that every employment agreement issued contains the correct information is the first step in protecting your business in the event of a dispute. Failure to have a written employment contract in place can expose your business to increased risks that could result in significant financial penalties.